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Prune spring-flowering shrubs soon after flowering, but avoid excessive cutting except where necessary to control size. Remove spent flowers and trim back excessive growth. 


Remove any dead leaves or other debris. Start de-weeding early in your garden bed to keep weeds under control. Apply 2" of mulch to discourage weed growth. 


Know your garden zone and last frost date. Plant bulbs, new trees and shrubs if you haven't already done so. Sow flower or vegetable seeds directly in the beds where they will grow. Keep seeded beds moist to help with germination. Thin out and transplant surplus plants. Perennials can be divided before their Spring growth begins. Dividing clumping perennials encourages fresh, new growth. Plant annuals in containers to brighten up your porch. 


Check the condition of your patio or deck and make any needed repairs. Check paths and edging to insure they are clear and aligned. Clean off outdoor furniture.  Clean bird feeders and fill up with fresh seed.